bcba tutorRemote BCBA tutoring is designed to increase understanding of behavior analytic material or enhance the application of knowledge to a testing environment. This service is opened to anyone interested but is geared towards those in pursuit of their behavior analyst credential.

All tutoring is led by a certified behavior analyst with over five years of experience in the industry. Tutoring is offered one-on-one, in small groups (6 or less), and in large groups (7 or more). Tutoring can be tailored to the needs of each learner by focusing on areas of the task list that need to be strengthen or by emphasizing the skills necessary to successfully dissect test questions.


Q: How often does tutoring take place?

     A: One to two times a week for 4 to 8 weeks, depending on schedule compatibility.

Q: How do you decide what to focus on?

     A: By analyzing the results of your testing attempts and assessing your task list knowledge.

Q: Which edition of the task list are tutoring services geared towards?

     A: Tutoring services can be provided for both the 4th and 5th editions of the BACB task list.

Q: How do I set up tutoring?

     A: Tutoring can be set up my filling out this form or by sending an email to: Naomi@AlignedBehavior.com

Q: How much does tutoring cost?

     A: The cost of tutoring depends on several factors such as general tutoring versus question dissection and one-on-one versus small or large group. Current offerings are priced competitively and can be discussed on an individual basis.

Q: What platform is used for tutoring?

A: All tutoring takes place via Zoom.

Q: Is homework assigned?

A: Homework assignments are available; however, they are optional to complete.

Q: What are the benefits of tutoring?

A: Tutoring provides a non-judgmental, supportive environment to review and solidify the concepts needed to successfully pass the certification exam. Tutoring is not rushed, meaning that if additional time needs to be spent on a concept, it is easy to do so.

Whether you are still in school, already taken the exam, or somewhere in-between, our BCBA tutoring service can help you prepare for an exciting career.  As you BCBA tutor I promise to give my very best to help you confidently take AND pass the BCBA exam.

Keep in mind, as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst you will be changing lives.  That’s why it’s vital for you to gain a mature understanding of the content and concept of our field.

My BCBA tutoring experience and skills will help you not only pass the exam, but also prepare you for real-life situations in the field.

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